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How to get your Garden Ready for Summer Socialising

Whenever the weather permits there is nothing better than being in the outdoors with good friends; whether it’s al fresco dining, barbeques or just drinks in the garden. In this post we will run through some simple steps to get your garden ready for hosting guests.

What is Al Fresco Dining and Why Should You be Doing it?

Al fresco dining, meaning ‘eating outside in the fresh air’, is usually popular in summer when the weather is beautiful. The whole ambience is casual and party-like, it has the feeling of being abroad minus the hassle or cost. Simply, it’s the best way to entertain guests!


One of the most important things you’ll want to think about is lighting. It will add the perfect ambience and ensure that the party can keep going long after the sun goes down. One simple way to ensure the perfect ambience is to add inviting candles to the outdoor space, it’ll give a cosy feel and a bit of extra warmth which will be very welcome on cool summer evenings.

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Gardens are spaces where we can relax and unwind, so the addition of garden furniture is a very good investment. Good, comfortable furniture can change the way you use your garden on a daily basis, on your own and with your guests, making it more inviting and enjoyable to spend time in.

Garden Layout

We’re not talking full on landscaping here, but a few gardening hacks can make the atmosphere extra special. This is especially true if your garden is overlooked by your neighbours, simply by adding some climbers up some trellis can make the space feel more private. Spreading a few plant pots around where you are going to be sitting with your guests will add a splash of colour.

Cosy Accessories

It’s important to think about how you and your guests will stay warm when the evening turns chilly. The perfect seating area has plenty of cosy scatter cushions and blankets, they really make the difference for your guests. Adding these accessories is the easy way to make your space comfortable so that your guests feel at home!

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Wool Throws

Bee Wool Throw


Wool Blankets

Piglet Wool Blanket


Wool Blankets

Owl Wool Blanket


Wool Throws

Hare Wool Throw


Cushion Covers

Sheep Wool Cushion


Wool Throws

Sheep Wool Throw


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