Alpaca Wool Cushion


Cuddle up with our Alpaca Cushion, the perfect companion for adding a splash of rustic charm to your space. This 45 x 45 cm cushion is crafted from 100% Wool, offering a touch of luxury every time you lean back. Its easy zip closure means keeping it fresh is a breeze. With a clever reversible design, this cushion flips to give you two chic styles in one fabulous accessory. Designed to complement our Alpaca Blanket, it’s your go-to for creating a seamless, snug vibe in any corner of your home. Ideal for lounging in style or jazzing up your bed.

Happy living with friendly designs!

45 x 45cm (18 x 18in)

100% Pure Wool

Cushion cover only, pads are not included.

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